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Traditional Driveways

Tarmac Driveways

Many people get tarmac driveways laid for a maintenance free life or because it’s cheap. Consider your neighbourhood is our first bit of advice. If others around you already have tarmac driveways, then there is no problem, your proposed tarmac driveway is liable to fit in nicely. If however your Street, Close or Road has a certain period-look or character about it, then your neighbours might not be too pleased – your new driveway will become an eye-sore and it may even make your property difficult to sell.

In regard to being maintenance free, tarmac driveways are just that … provided they remain in one piece that is. Having to patch up ‘pot holes’ is unsightly and a cumbrance. Petrol or diesel spillages will break down the top surface of your lovely tarmac driveway then slowly eat away through the lower layers – a point to note if you want to avoid repair costs.

Tarmac driveways are not exactly DIY projects, they require specialist tools and equipment – consider the size of your drive – it may not be the cheapest option after all. Tarmac driveways, seek advice and use experienced workmen who have the right equipment …. like our contacts Driveways & Landscaping for example.